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Pieces and Parts...
March 2010
Like I mentioned on an earlier page, I had NO idea how many pieces and parts go into making a vehicle!
Before and after examples of the work on the  trim that goes around the grill.  We discovered a great buffing wheel that attaches to a power drill--saved a lot of wear and tear on my fingernails!
Repairing, sanding, and repainting the grill.
Installing the grill, trim, and headlights.  What a difference!
I have so many pictures of Jay
under the car, I should start calling him my "Torino Troll."
What a difference!
The headlight and talelight bezels and trim all had to be wet sanded by hand.  We then taped off the chrome portions in order to repaint the black trim work.  The lens were also lightly buffed and reconditioned.
Details, details...
Okay, maybe you wouldn't get too excited about the Torino emblem that goes on the gas door, but this bugger took me forever to redo.  If you ever have trouble sleeping at night, give me a shout and I'll tell you in great detail what we had to do in order to recondition and repaint this monster!
...and after...
...and installed!
Here's the full view of the completed gas door.  You can also see the original bumper--
complete with an original dent in it. <grin>

And speaking of originals--the license plate is one of his family's that Jay kept all this time
(gotta love those pack rats).  It's a Michigan issue from '73 with a 1974 tag, since the state didn't make plates that year.    We were able to register it as a historic plate.
The Dash
Here's what the dash looked like before the instrument cluster and radio were reattached. 

We can only surmise that the previous owners had used a
chain saw to remove the original radio when they put in a CD player.  The hole they cut was pretty jagged and uneven. 

Fortunately, one of my coworkers had some of the material used for car audio installation and was able to create a sort of plate to attach our Ford-issued AM-FM radio. 
...and after.  MUCH better!
Come in, Zebra Three...
Jay found this late 70's Motorola police radio unit on eBay (where else?).
Not a bad paint job, if I do say so myself!
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