A lot of TLC...
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The next stage of restoring the Torino was to strip off all the exterior trim, including the grill and headlight bezels.
After that, all of the interior had to go to either be replaced or refurbished. 

This was quite a learning experience for me--though Jay did most of the hard labor!  I guess I just always took for granted the the various and sundered pieces that go into making a car...well, a

Admittedly, before the Torino I was mostly concerned with whether or not my car ran, got me from point A to point B, and
The headliner removed.
Looks like a bomb went off and ripped out the backseat, huh?
Jay removing the passenger bucket seat.
Body work...
Once the White Knight was sanded down, Art discovered some areas that needed to be spot welded. 
Nope, those aren't bullet holes!
...and AFTER! 
Primed and ready to go...
The Zebra gets its stripe!
Here she is, primed, and with the coat of white for the stripe applied.
The stencil was a kit bought online.  Basically, the brownkraft paper is taped over the white paint of the stripe.  The red paint (we used "Viper Red" as opposed to a more orange-red) is then sprayed on  Once it dries, the paper is removed to reveal the stripe!
Well, you might be wondering how she went from primed and papered to THE paint job... all I can say is: MAGIC!  LOL... A day after we stopped by to assist with masking off the stripe, we got a call from Art, asking if we wanted to see the car before it was clear-coated.  Mercy, when he gets on a roll, he gets on a roll!

Sure, I would have liked a picture or two of her while the red was being applied, but I'm not complaining. 
Here she is again, pre-clear cloat.
Making her shine...
What a difference the clear coat made in bringing out the luster of the colors--WOW!
You can also see to the right our progress as the pinstriping (a tape) was added.
The trunk, ready to be put back on. 
Getting that bugger to shut and be level was more of a trick than I thought it would be!
With the hood and bumper reattached.
Jay had removed the bumpers and repained the backs and sides--no detail escapes this man!
Now she needs to be rubbed down
(that's what all the nasty looking coating is you see).
Rims and tires...
Jay insisted the Torino just didn't look right without the rims used in the series, so here they are!
I never thought I'd get so excited about tires in my life!
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