1st Place 2008 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Overall Writer"
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1st Place 2008 Torino Award Winner for "Action / Adventure Writer"
3rd Place 2001 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Action / Adventure Writer"
New Story!      Vigilance
As Hutch stays at Starsky’s home to recuperate from a long and difficult surgery, he and their canine companion, Sam,
keep tabs on Starsky’s beautiful but mysterious neighbor.  Little do they know that her past holds a deadly secret
that could mean the end of them all.
A Fair Trade
Once he recovers from the shock of discovering Gillian working in the backroom at Grossman’s,
Starsky decides to take matters into his own hands.
The events unfold from Starsky’s point of view as he prepares to confront the woman who deceived his partner.
1st Place 2008 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Canon Good Guy Portrayal: Starsky"
An American Band
When Starsky, innocently trying to attend a Grand Funk concert, ends up in the hospital,
Hutch comes to the rescue, proving that even bad experiences can result in happy endings.
3rd Place 2007 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Ordinary Day Story"
A missing scene from "Starsky vs Hutch".
2nd Place 2000 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Missing Scene"
Burden of Guilt
When a bystander is shot in a grocery store hold-up, Hutch sets out to prove that
Starsky is innocent of manslaughter. But can Starsky live with the burden of guilt?
Coming To Terms
As Hutch fights his way back to a normal life after being kidnapped and addicted to heroin,
Starsky tries to break through the wall of isolation his partner has erected between them.
Then, when least expected,their partnership is threatened by the return of a figure from the past.
1st Place 2008 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Long Story"
Desperate Measures
What began as a fun-filled fishing trip, suddenly turns to a deadly struggle for survival
when the small plane carrying Starsky & Hutch crashes in the Northern California wilderness.
3rd Place 2002 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Action/ Adventure Story"
Gale Force
A routine trip to extradite an escaped prisoner apprehended in the tropical Florida Keys
becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse for Starsky and Hutch.
When a powerful and destructive hurricane plows across their path, freeing their prisoner in the process,
the partners find themselves injured and stranded, battling just to survive through the night.
1st Place 2008 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Action / Adventure Story"
The Guardian Series
1st Place Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Series"
2008, 2007, 2006, 2003
1st Place 2001 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Original Male Character: Sam"
Guardian One:  Faithful 'til The End
While working to solve a baffling arson case, Starsky & Hutch rescue an abused dog,
having no clue the dramatic role he's about to play in their lives.
1st Place 2000 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Action/Adventure Story"
Guardian Two:  Luck of the Draw
Starsky & Hutch have their hands full, training with Sam as a Search & Rescue Team
while tracking down a sadistic kidnapper who has snatched the young daughter
of a wealthy industrialist. But will all three survive when he turns the tables on them?
Guardian Three:  The Chase
After being ambushed by a vengeful drug lord's hit men, Starsky, Hutch and Sam struggle
to stay alive, as they're hunted down like wild game in the secluded redwood forests of Oregon.
With Hutch wounded and blind, it's up to Starsky to save their lives.
Will all three survive 'the chase'?
3rd Place 2007 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Original Male Character: Sam"
3rd Place 2001 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Action/Adventure Story"
No Way To Spend New Year's Eve
When Hutch returns from a trip to Minnesota, he finds Starsky in a deadly situation.
3rd Place 2004 Torino Award winner for "Outstanding Holiday Story"
Old Friends
A poignant glimpse into the future of Starsky and Hutch...
Picking Up The Pieces
Months after Kira nearly succeeded in destroying their friendship Starsky and Hutch are still struggling
to rebuild their trust in one another. Will their bond be strong enough to withstand the ultimate betrayal?
When Starsky suddenly withdraws from Hutch without a word of explanation, Hutch's loyalty and trust are put to the test.
Can his faith in their friendship bring Starsky back from the brink of despair?
An alternative tag to "Shootout."
Smile for the Camera
Who would have thought a minor indiscretion like forgetting to renew your driver's license
could get Starsky in so much hot water? For a look at the lighter side of life with Starsky & Hutch,
you may want to give this story a read—guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!
The Back Room
As an injured Starsky lies bleeding to death in the backroom of an Italian restaurant,
he contemplates his friendship with Hutch, and the events that have drawn them into this deadly ambush.
1st Place 2008 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Missing Scene"
The Cost of Valor
A tribute to Captain Dobey.
The first collaboration by TibbieB and Brit
Too Close To Home
When Hutch receives a call from his mother saying his sister Karen is missing, the two detectives rush to Minnesota
to head up an investigation and uncover the truth behind her mysterious disappearance.
As they search, painful secrets from Starsky’s youth begin to emerge.
Too Good To Be True
Starsky's newest love may be "too good to be true" and Hutch is out to prove it before his partner gets hurt.
But even he doesn't realize that by the time he has the proof he needs—Starsky may be dead.

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