New Story! A Cry For Help
A missing scene from “The Crying Child.” 
Seeing the bruises and welts on Guy’s back brings back childhood memories Starsky had buried long ago.
New Story!    Anniversary Date
As the anniversary of Starsky’s shooting by Gunther approaches,
he finds facing that day more and more difficult to contend with.
New Story!     Grounded
A missing scene from “The Plague.” 
Starsky and Hutch are always each other’s support, but with Hutch in the hospital suffering from the plague,
who else can Starsky turn to for strength?
New Story!    Killing Time
A missing scene from “The Trap.” 
Starsky and Hutch head to the hospital for treatment of Starsky's gunshot wound.
New Story!    Lesson Learned
As cadets in the Police Academy, Starsky and Hutch learn not only the difficult job of being police officers,
but the importance of being there for each other.
New Story!     Unfinished Canvas
Juggling police duties and a marriage proves more difficult than Hutch had anticipated.
New Story!    Where Would You Be Without Me?
A missing scene from “Quadromania.”
After finding Starsky injured in the alley, an impatient Hutch drives him to the hospital in the Metro cab.
A Few Surprises
The guys pay Starsky's mother a surprise visit.
A Law of Physics
Starsky has flashbacks to the car crash he caused in "Partners."
A Long Night
A missing scene from “Shootout.”
Starsky and Hutch aren’t the only ones affected by the long night at Giovanni’s.
After Thanksgiving Sale
A missing scene from "Sweet Revenge."
Any Way You Say It
A missing scene from "The Fix."
Beach View
The guys seek healing after "The Fix."
Chance Encounter
Starsky returns from Vietnam and the only job he can find is driving a taxi.
3rd Place 2002 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Canon Good Guy Portrayal - Huggy"
Christmas in July
Spotting a "Christmas In July" sale sign, Starsky starts thinking ahead to what he can purchase Hutch--
never expecting to receive his own present early.
Christmas Memories
As the holiday season comes to an end, the guys reflect on some special moments.
Close Doesn't Count
The guys deal with the aftermath when Starsky is released from the hospital.
Common Ground
Starsky and Hutch go undercover in a high school to try and find a murderer.
Compromise Campground
It’s hot in the city and Starsky and Hutch are overworked.  Hutch is looking for a little respite,
so he comes up with a "compromise" to make both of them happy.
Drawing Conclusions
Starsky and Hutch set out to find the person murdering elderly ladies.
Starsky’s about to graduate from the Academy and he makes a call to his mother.
Earning The Right?
The guys are just getting to know each other at the start of their Academy days.
Faith, Hope, and Love
When Hutch is missing, the bond between the detectives is examined.
Go Figure
Hutch returns from a trip back home.
Haunting Regrets
Starsky’s mother is forced to send her son away to save him.
Hutchinson's Trees
A Christmas Story.
In My Partner's Eyes
A post "Sweet Revenge" story.
2nd Place 2005 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Post-Gunther Story"
Mail Call
It's mail time at the Academy.
Memories Kept Alive
Hutch knows something is bothering his partner and he's determined to find out what it is and how he can help.
Miserable:  A Triology
Hutch can't shake the feeling that something's wrong with his partner.
3rd Place 2009 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Trilogy" 
Missing You
A missing scene from "Sweet Revenge." As Starsky starts on the long road to recovery,
he finds himself spending hours alone in the starkness of his hospital room.
More Questions Than Answers
When a body is found with Hutch’s phone number in her pocket,
the partners try to solve the puzzle of who the victim was,
why she had his number, and who murdered her.
Need To Touch
A “Sweet Revenge" drabble.
Not To Yield
A missing scene from “Sweet Revenge.” Fearing the worst for his partner,
Hutch knows he can’t simply wait around and do nothing.
Officer Down
When Hutch is shot, Starsky steps in to take care of him.
One Step At A Time
A post-"Sweet Revenge" story.
Over The Edge
It’s Christmas Eve and the guys are ready for a long deserved rest when Captain Dobey
sends them on one last assignment.
2nd Place 2001 Torino Award Winner for “Outstanding Adventure Story”
Play Ball
Recovering from Gunther’s murder attempt, Starsky meets up with a young boy
and their lives interconnect in a surprising way.
Seasons of the Heart
One autumn in California.
3rd Place 2009 Torino Award Winner (Tie) for "Outstanding Ordinary Day Story"
2nd Place 2005 Torino Award Winner for "Outstanding Ordinary Day Story"
Should Have Known
A missing scene from "Targets Without a Badge."
After Lionel is murdered, Starsky and Hutch decide to leave the force.
The only thing left to do is face Captain Dobey with their decision.
Some Kind of Justice
Warehouses and stores are being broken into and robbed, but when it leads to murder,
it takes a personal turn. How far will Starsky and Hutch go to see justice served?
Standard Operating Procedure
Being there for each other is the only way the guys know how to operate.
Time:  Exhausted Ramblings
A missing scene from “A Coffin for Starsky”.
Hutch has to make sure his partner is okay before he can rest easy.
Tomato Red
It's a long night of studying at the police academy.
Too Quiet
A Poem.
Sitting alone in a hospital waiting room can be a scary and lonely way to spend your evening.
A quick stop at the bank turns into an unexpected nightmare.

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